Hey Guys having some trouble keeping the bike from stalling First it wouldn t...

Hey Guys, having some trouble keeping the bike from stalling. First it wouldn't start so we cleaned the spark plug. Now we can start it with the choke on but as soon as we flick it off it stalls. Also there's a rattle coming from the engine (probably can't hear it in the video). Any ideas what the problem could be? FYI we have tried increasing the idle speed but it doesn't seem to help.

  • My bike has a similar issue, have tried the above, swapping in new jets, replacing air filter, etc but no good. Cannot get a steady idle out of it without choke on, either dies or revs will start climbing up until I choke it again. :-\

  • Check your needle in carby not to low shutting of fuel ?

  • Any updates Niki Duckstein? Get it running?

  • Most times if you need choke and have idle problems the valves are out of adjustment or the cam chain is badly worn.

  • That is honestly awesome news because those are the two things I haven't done yet (aside from a full teardown of the carbie or splitting the cases).

  • Read earlier comments re choke.

  • Update- I've empty the fuel tank and put fresh premium fuel in. It's running but still has a tick/raffle. I only ran it for 10 minutes though so I'll run it for the full hour and report back.

    FYI I got the choke switch the wrong way round so my choke switch is all good.

  • For awhile my bike would start and idle but died with any throttle, I cleaned my carb/jets/needle quite a few times blew it out with compressed air, still nothing. Got a new carb and worked right away, there may be a blockage in an inaccessible place

  • Thats great. Those engines, if it's ancient (more than 30yrs old) then you may get a loose timing chain that develops a slight tick, rattle. But it wouldn't be terminal. Those engines are so bullet proof, if it's running then you're good to go. Don't stress too much

  • So ran it for the full hour and the tick/raffle is still present.

    My dad has downloaded a repair manual so we might pull some stuff apart to inspect/clean and hopefully we'll find a blockage or something that needs adjustment.

    I'll report back if we find the problem.

  • You're noise loose tappets? They can be a little complex to work on the gearbox side take pics as you go plenty of help on this forum mate