Hey guys. How in the world do you adjust the carbs on a dual carb bike


Hey guys. How in the world do you adjust the carbs on a dual carb bike? It's a 94 vlx600 and the only thing I can find is the idle screw (holds the throttle higher) but can not for the life of me find the fuel and air mixture screws..help?

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  • Might be under the factory cover. Post a pic.

  • The one is behind the air box. Have you made access to them before. Stock out of the factory they are covered. It normally a little grey circle you need to drill out

  • I've read about them being covered ..I seen the covers but don't wanna drill out the wrong ones (I've heard of folks drilling out what they thought where the right plugs but wernt) any idea wich plug is the correct one?

  • Get two vacuum gauges or mercury gauge to sync. !!!

  • Drill these 2 holes out Very carefully with small drill.

  • For the right side you need to remove your air filter housing

  • Ahh..your a life saver man

  • No problem mate. Just be very careful! Do NOT push on the drill. Let it go on by itself. I drilled the cap out by using a bigger size drill time after time (couldn't get it out using a screw and pliers), until the hole was big enough to use a screwdriver and turn the mixture screws. I first checked the position (turned out that my carbs were in different setting from each other). She now runs a just a very small tad rich, and it's perfect.

  • Ya mine runs good at idle but still spits a Lil when riding but they carbs are still set at factory turns...did you turn both screws out the same amount of turns?

  • Yes, both are our about the same.

  • Cool thanks again man..I probably would have drilled out one of the bigger caps ha

  • Mine does spit a little every now and then, it only a little which is fine for me.

  • It took me long enough to find them myself. So glad to be of help

  • What I got going on so far lol