Hey guys I got the bike running after turning the flywheel I m able to bump...

Hey guys I got the bike running after turning the flywheel, I'm able to bump start her, but I'm unable to start her with electrical start, what may the issue be?

I'd just like to thank everyone for the tips and advise on helping me getting better fired up.

Please note it sounds like a bubble bike coz exhaust is off.

Thanks guys!

  • Stand cut out switch? Fuse?

  • Solenoid?

  • Blublublublub hhahh

  • If the bike starts but not electrically, check the start cable all long. It might be in contact with a metallic part. I mean, you said you pushed (revving it a lot) it the day before it happened, maybe some electric cable melt because it was too close from the engine.

  • Starter motor seized ??

  • Put her in gear and rock her bk n forth a few times, could be knackered teeth in starter motor.

  • Flat battery.

  • Sounds like something from Charlie and the chocolate factory lol.

  • Fuse or fried starter. Starters pull huge amp when motor isn't able to spin. The clicking noise should be the relay sending power to starter motor. Get a test light will be the fastest way to figure it out

  • Still a flat battery. The bike has enough to power the starter solenoid but not enough for the starter, hence the click but no spin.