Hey guys I have a 2011 rancher 420. We haven t started it in about a week


Hey guys I have a 2011 rancher 420. We haven't started it in about a week. Its always ran great with no problems, but today it was cranking and no start. Occasional backfire as well. Any input on where to start diagnosing would be much appreciated.

Bad gas out of one of the gas cans??

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  • That could also be a problem and could have messed the fuel pump up. What I did with my old recon when it was doing that is buy a bottle of Lucas fuel cleaner and pour it In your gas tank shake it around a couple of times and keep trying to turn it over and if that's the problem then it should crank and clear up.

  • Tried it in all 3 positions... Left, center, and right. No crank on left and right, only middle position

  • It's never not fired up, Just happened today.

  • A sure way to find out if your fuel pump is bad open the air box take off your air filter and get some carb cleaner or starter fluid and spray it right into your injector. If It cranks its your fuel pump no doubt

  • Ok. What about ether?

  • Ah you said starter fluid lol my bad

  • Yeah but you can put that eather in you gas tank and try that instead of the Lucas they are pretty much the same thing

  • If the kill switch is in the off.position the bike wont even roll over. Check your fuses as mentioned above. Also pull your spark plug and clean or replace it and check your battery. 420 has to have at least 12 volts to run.

  • ^Yeah your spark plug could be fouled out! Have had that happen before

  • Swapped the spark plug and fired right up. Thanks for all your input guys!