Hey guys I have fully synthetic oil in my vtr right now Just read somewhere...


Hey guys, I have fully synthetic oil in my vtr right now. Just read somewhere that someone said to not use fully synthetic but it hasn't seemed to give me any troubles recently. Any thoughts on if this is true or not? Cheers

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  • True - Fully synthetic usually results in clutch slip and damaged clutch plates.

  • Um, I was told and have read to use it, I've always used full synthetic. Truth is probably with today's oil, it doesn't matter. But I personally run full synthetic, never slips and seems to last longer.

  • Thank you guys

  • I've been told semi synthetic is best but tbh I wouldn't know. I use it and haven't had issues

  • I used full synth in my old ZZR11 and that was fine, have been using castrol GPS at my mechanics advice and is fine.

  • I use Motul 5100 10W40. Semi synthetic.

  • Semi synth is all you "need" but providing the full synth is the correct weight motorcycle specific oil you won't damage the clutch. You can save $$$ by running semi synth. That's all.

  • My experience: Silkolene Pro4 resulted in bad clutch slip. Cleaned the clutch plates, switched to Silkolene Comp4, everything is ok.

    Clutch plates on storm are from different material than modern bikes.

  • Just did my oil change today using same oil. Took it for a spin after and she runs sweet.

  • Me too. It is perfect oil for this engine