Hey guys. I know in my area it s not very hard to find ethanol free fuel

Hey guys! I know in my area it's not very hard to find ethanol free fuel (Marine fuel) but I was curious. For the times I have to get 93 octane, is there a safe booster or ethanol remover I can put with fuel? Alabama says up to 15℅ but, it runs like 30 lol. Thanks in advance.

  • Been running 10% ethonol since I bought the bike in '04 with no issues. I also only use 95 octane as anything higher is a waste of money. The 1100 motor is low compression and designed to run on lower octane.

  • I meant to say 87 octane

  • Really? So it won't affect it? I wasn't sure just wanted to be cautious until I get more parts money, lol. OK cool then, thanks.

  • Hasn't affected mine.

  • Really, the "cheap stuff'? I wouldn't mind saving that extra 30¢ at the pump lmao

  • I'm using NGK iridium plugs now, you're sure I don't need a higher octane cause of that? I know some things can become picky.

  • Your shadow doesn't need 93 octane, 87 is what Honda recommends, more octane does not make it run better or give it more power, octane is actually a retardant to kept the fuel from premature detonation in high compression motors Shadows are not high compression, goggle octane it can explain it better than I can, but your wasting money using 93 when your bike doesn't need it

  • OK sweet.

  • Yeah, anything above what the manufacturer recommends, and you're generally wasting your money. Some people claim better mileage with some of the different octanes, but that's just really 'seat of the pants' testing. But stick to what the engine designers designed the engine for :-)

  • Yes your motor is not built for it ur wasting ur money buy the cheap stuff bet ur bike will run a lot better

  • Don't bother with 93 octane, As mentioned earlier. Higher octane gasoline is for higher compression. David Smith hit the nail on the head with his quick explanation.

    On the additive aspect of your post, K100 is the best all around product we've found to fight ethanol issues. Mechanic in a bottle, and ethanol shield are very good as well, but from our experience, in our own real world testing and use in customers bikes, atv's, snowmobiles and watercraft, falls short of K100.

  • thanks , Great info, I need a case...

  • The website is K-100.com

  • I'll try it for sure.

  • Ethanol will not hurt your motor at all. The additives are a waste of money. Run the recommended octane at whatever % ethanol and you will be fine.

  • ethanol is a problem when it sits... it has no shelf life.. on my snosleds , i drain all pump gas and put in 5gal of gas from the airport and let it run till i can smell it....

  • Yeah I don't trust ethanol to burn off all the way. It's fuckin sugar lol. I mean really, corn fuel? Sugar.

  • Bottle of vodka has an almost infinite shelf life.

  • It is not sugar. It is pure alcohol. Everclear, but better.

  • But alcohol is sugar. It just used to be called corn mash, it's essentially the first run of corn whiskey lol. I don't want that in my engine lol

  • Not sugar in a traditional, sweet sense, but on a molecular level. Like broken down bread.

  • It is made from sugar. It is no more sugar than gasoline is crude oil. The chemical make up is not sugar at all. I'm not advocating dumping ethanol by the gallon into your Shadow's tank. Straight ethanol is 112-114 octane and I doubt it would like it. Lol. What I am saying is that 10% ethanol will not harm your motor in any way. Too often folks like to blame ethanol for problems that arise that have nothing at all to do with it. I used to sell Stihl equipment and I'd see it all the time. Run the octane level that is recommended, regardless if it is 10% or 15% ethanol and you will be just fine. If additives make you feel better, by all means, run it. They won't hurt anything either. I recommend doing some research about ethanol that is not put out by oil companies (or their cronies) or the food industry. It's actually a darn good fuel.

  • Maybe. It'll be hard to convince me though, I've been under hoods and in oil for a while lol.

  • In glass....

  • Again it has no shelf life once its in you tank , fuel lines and carb...it burns great in most engines...

  • So even in my 01 ace 750 I should run regular 87 with or without ethanol. I've been paying double for nothing.

  • Honestly, fuel doesn't last long with me anyway lmao. I ride my ass off

  • Apparently we have, yeah lol. I'll be saving from now on though.

  • Yeah me to. This might help on my running rich problem I've been having since I've put on a stage 2 kit. lol

  • Yeah I think I just need to clean lol

  • Everything is seasonal up here in Northern Maine... and thats were it bites us... everything in the fuel bowl can turn to a white powdery glaze...to a greenish color... my carb guy makes good money, so there is an upside........for him