Hey guys I m 30 and finally getting my driver s licence these days I m in...


Hey guys. I'm 30 and finally getting my driver's licence these days. I'm in love with the Honda Rebel since I was 15 and there was one parked in front of my school. I always thought that I'd buy one, as soon as I've got the licence. But all my biker friends say, I'll be unsatisfied if I'm learning how to drive on a 600+ bike and then go and buy a 125 (or 250). What would you say?

PS: I'm from Germany. Anybody else?

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  • A big difference between riding in Germany and the U.S. In Germany if you wave to other motorcyclist they will stop and see if something is wrong. In the U.S. If you don't wave some bikers will stop you and beat you up⚠️⚠️⚠️

  • I had a gl1200 gold wing and traded it for a rebel because I missed it so much i'm an everyday rider and most of it around town and roads not above 55 speed limit but on the odd time I have rode on interstate cruising 70 no problems its a great bike that is very forgiving and easy the get around with.

  • Hahaaha

  • Wow from goldwing to rebel... u must be feeling riding a bicycle while driving rebel after goldwing.

  • Thanks for all your advice. :) The alternative I was thinking about is the Honda Shadow. I'm not sure if it's too big for me... but as far as I've read now, I think I'll stick to my beloved Rebel, for the start - And my everyday way to work. <3 Won't be my last bike anyway. ;) And I definitely need to get a test drive.

  • I started on a 1st gen rebel and just wanted to go back i love these bikes I don't do a lot of state to state trips but it can do it if I want to the rebel zips in and out where a goldwing was a chore in tight places. The one down side is the small back seat the wife don't like it much lol

  • You will love it and take my advice and don't ever get rid of it even if you do get a bigger bike in the future it is nice to run when you get tired of fighting the bigger bikes.

  • (Y) i have honda Roadmaster CD200.. so for me Rebel is an upgrade :)

  • Matt Blackerby Very well said.. (when you get tired of fighting the bigger bikes)

  • Get a use rebel with low miles under 3,000 that looks like it just came off the showroom floor. They are out there and they are great. I got my 2007 Rebel 250 for $1600. It runs and looks like brand new. That is about $4,000 LESS than a new one. Couldn't have made a better deal. You should get your riding experience on a small bike like the Rebel. Then if you want a bigger bike later on, then get one, but do like Matt Blackerby said, "keep the Rebel". You'll have very little invested in it, why not keep it.

  • It's better late than none, happy riding anyway!

  • I used to ride a 74 Honda 550 four. I bought a used 2012 Rebel so I could cruise the rural back roads in Ohio. The Reb is a lot of fun. Sometimes I have to downshift to pull a steep hill. Other, than that your friends with 600+ cc bikes probably never rode a Reb and don't like the idea of riding a 'small' bike.

  • Why not buy a used one? It is a great bike to start out on. I had one back in 2007, then I had 2 Harleys after that, and guess what i am riding again now? No other bikes now. Just one. And I'm very happy!

  • I don't wave at anyone and have never been beat up. I have even ridden my Rebel down Main St. during Daytona Bike week with thousands of drunk smelly bikers screaming shit at me and never been beat up. Hands on the bars and mind on the moment.

  • Take a Shadow for a ride if you get the chance. It's a nice machine. Doesn't mean you have to buy it. But then you will know what to look forward to. They're smooth as silk just a little more heavy than a Rebel.

  • Thomas may you have many more pleasurable moments on your motorcycle . You have done rides that I can only dream about