Hey guys I m located in Orange county and am selling my v65 sabre year 1984

Hey guys, I'm located in Orange county and am selling my v65 sabre,year 1984. It has 60,000 miles, Dave dodge oil kit and is a customized ratty sort of bike. With pipes from a vintage triumph. Engine runs great, and I have a new clutch pack I'll throw in with the bike ( current one works). Carbs were professionally cleaned so that won't be an issue for the buyer. There is rust on the underside of the tank that would sand off easily, and rust on the chrome cb550 headlight. Stock tail light has been removed and a custom light installed by me.I have ridden the bike as my daily driver all year and last year but need to sell it as I'm going to Europe. There is a significant thump that occurs every wheel revolution in the final drive, the bike has back fees since October at the dmv of which I will try to take care of, but am in a financial crunch blah blah blah... You all know how it goes. Aside from the final drive issue this bike has taken me EVERYWHERE in California, a few pretty gnarly iron butts, and has always been reliable and owned by a diy mechanic. Shoot me some offers guys, I'll post some pics later today when I get outta work.

  • Post pictures and price. To far for me to drive bit someone on here may buy it.

  • I'll start the price at 1000 and we can go from there

  • and i have a lot of the original parts for the bike and a viper fairing, do not have original side covers, or tailight body panel, but i do have the original tail light and turn signals

  • http://youtu.be/DxEZerFRHaE video of the bike in operation