• Hey guys I m thinking of swapping out my engine for a 140cc like many people do...

    Hey guys I'm thinking of swapping out my engine for a 140cc like many people do, but I am very keen on keeping the stock exhaust and stock carb just to make it quieter and keep her looking stock to stay away from police attention,

    I have done some research and found a place that sells every size of main jet for the stock carb under the sun but am still worried it might be a bit hard to tune, what are you guru's opinions on this?


    • Try it being your bike :(

    • You get a turbo stop complaining ;)

    • What size carby is stock ?

    • Got a link for the place with all the jet sizes for sale?

    • Which one Dale Elad

    • Nah man selling my rm to turbo the low lux

    • You need the bigger intake manifold that goes from your motor to your carby

      And since that's bigger then the ct110 manifold you need to go the bigger carby as well

      Other wise your running to lean and can't suck enough air and fuel in

      I had this problem when I did my change over

    • So you think I'll still be able to use my stock exhaust though?

    • No

      Because as you are getting more air and fuel in now there is more to come out

      You may be able to drill out the baffles in the postie exhaust

      Or just put a straight through exhaust on it

      Then put the postie exhaust on for rego

      That's just my opinion