Hey guys I need help ASAP what do you do when you kill a 350 rancher in a mud...


Hey guys I need help ASAP what do you do when you kill a 350 rancher in a mud hole and the exhaust is under water air box doesn't have water in it but it did suck up water my shop said flush it with desiel fuel and put oil in it and drain it and to do it a couple times what els I need more details do I run it when I put oil in it or just put it in and drain it?

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  • I would change the oil and run it and then change it again until its black

  • well.. if your exhaust valve was shut.. then your good long as you didn't try to start it. I'd start by pulling the spark plug and blowing any water that may be in the cylinder out.. the drain your oil. If the oil is clean then fill it back up and ride till she blows. Lol

  • First thing is pull the spark plug and spin it until water stops coming out then spray WD 40 in the spark plug hole. Oil changes until it looks normal repeat until it looks normal . Then Let it run until warm drain oil and filer and repeat this steep until the oil Change looks normal or until it starts smoking like crazy.

  • I started it after changing oil w times it ran like crap and now it runs good

  • Ive never tryed the deisel flush but i think it wouldnt hurt to do it. but yeah take your spark plug out , turn it over tell youre not shootin water out the hole. ive never used wd 40 before eather but i dont think its a bad idea . but yeah do your oil change run it for a 2 min drain it, and repeat tell your oil isnt milky and looks almost new.

  • I did desiel flush and put oil ran it which it ran terable and it started tuning like new again how many times do you guys run oil threw it

  • Until no more white cloudy oil comes out.