Hey guys I need some help my bike started running funny I can ride her the way...


Hey guys I need some help my bike started running funny. I can ride her the way it is running. Almost sounds like just one cylinder is firing. I removed the plugs and cleaned them. I'm hoping someone has gone through this and can help.

Current condition:

It's been about a year that I've cleaned the carbs

I noticed the choke feels normal when I'm engaging it but when I reverse it the level feels loose as if nothing is happening.

I went ahead and pulled the choke cables out manually. So I need to look at replacing that but still sounding like crap.

Mid video she seemed to rev okay but idling bad.

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  • My son plays... Makes sense!

  • Okay guys I cleaned the hell out of it. Lots and lots of junk in the screen below the float needle. Well she fired up and then I lost fuel pressure. At this point the fuel isn't going up. Filter is fine. I have a clear fuel line from the T to the right side carb. First it had fuel then none. So how can I test the pump with direct power?

  • Btw the wire worked like a charm.

  • Just an update, finally finished the bike. I went ahead and bought a carb kit and replaced the float needles and the o rings. Sent the float level at 8mm and she is running good. I set the carb air fuel mixture at 2 1/2 turns each. Seems too be working great.

  • This carb stuff is like a science... Researched a lot and man there is so much to fine tuning.

  • Well, I spoke too soon... Took my bike on several test runs and all was good but then about 3 miles away from my home she just died... Had to walk it back.... Now I'm testing my fuel pump and it stopped working.

  • THAT'S AN S.O.B. Carlos

  • Yes it was... Heavy as hell

  • you pushed it home ? man you must be younger than me. I'd still probably try though

  • I have a small trailer but she doesn't fit. Im 38 and had the workout of my life. Well it least I found out it's the fuel pump. I'm thinking of going with a universal electric low psi pump.