Hey guys if the head is stamped 329cm is it a 300 or 350 I m lost


Hey guys if the head is stamped 329cm is it a 300 or 350 I'm lost

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  • They round up the number. It's a 329 sold as a 350

  • Ok thanks bud . I'm having an issue with the trans or read end when I put

    It in gear it is fine but when I get on the throttle something is slipping and grinding not sure where to start

  • 350

  • Yes 350 2wd

  • Slips in all gears or just a certain gear?

  • All gears

  • I would guess stripped axle and/or ring gear or the u joint then.

  • i was hoping someone would say that. I just hope its not in the transmission. What kinda puzzles me is that the first time it did it it was with me and the wife on it. It only did it at first with a load on it like riding 2up. I had went to the farm to take down hunting stands so i had some weight on it. It did it once with the wife and daughter riding it. But finally gave up when i had the treestands on it.

  • Stick it in gear, jack up the rear of the machine and see if you can get it to slip by hand turning the tires. If it does remove the fill cap for the final drive and see if the ring gear is turning or not while it's slipping.

  • Ok thanks I will try that.