Hey guys is this black plastic cap screw my mixture screw. 2000 vt1100c

Hey guys, is this black plastic cap screw my mixture screw? 2000 vt1100c

  • So is a 750 2 1/2 turns out

  • I got it set where I want it for now. Air fuel screws about 3.15 turns from flush. Just a little more lean than before. Perfect. But I'm still getting a little pop in the exhaust when the engine decels, more than I want anyway. Might go away after rejet, idk. Either way I can't ride for a few weeks so I got time to get it right lol.

  • Idle screw

  • adjust your return cable before it jams.

  • The popping should go away after rejet. You may still have to tweak the a/f screws.

  • Where's that, how?

  • Alright fellas I got to my air box. The screen has moisture on it, no odor or color to it. Should I be concerned about it or is it just lithium grease?

  • If the filter is not pink in color as stock filters are when new, change it. If you have some oil in the bottom of the breather box, ignore it; it's normal.

  • The moisture is at the bottom of the screen, feels slick like coolant but no odor. I'm thinking coolant from the line I busted just on the other side of the frame. I'm not terribly worried as I rode several miles since then with no problems. So I don't think any made it to the head.

  • cables at the grip

  • It's normal to have a little oil on the bottom of the screen and in the airbox. I assume you removed the filter to look at it?

  • Yeah only thing wrong with the filter itself was the fact a chipmunk had stored a few nuts in it lmao. Not many, and they weren't busted up so I'm not worried about that. Filter seems to be getting plenty of clean light through it so I'm good there. Just discolored from age. Works well though, I did blow test it to make sure it wasn't dry rotting and it held up.

  • Oh OK. They seem to recover well though?

  • There's no lag in either accel or decel

  • So these are my plugs. Only a month old, few hundred miles. All but FL seem to be firing, but FL is moist and darker, dirtier.

  • Check the plumbing going from the airbox to the carbs. If you founds nuts, you may find a nest as well.

  • Behind the screen?