Hey guys just wondering how many of you have changed your cam chain tensioners...

Hey guys, just wondering how many of you have changed your cam chain tensioners to mcct's? Did you do it yourself? What to look out for? Is it recommended that the chain is swapped out as well?

  • You can do it yourself as we were just talking about it y'day me dave Neil Ledgerwood and Shaun Westaway when out.. If you have the confidence, or if you're on the forum, any member near enough to you, if confident enough, would surely help you out. we've done all 4 VTRs of ours and helped mates out doing them as a favour.. safe mode all the way, you would never know it was there.. i'll pm you the info. I just gave Kev from RiDE mag the same info last week...I'll post it on here for you to see as have the diagram cos sometimes it can ages to go through the forum unless you know where to look. the guy on there are brilliant though.. Knowledge, invaluable.

  • Join www.vtr1000.org and check the workshop knowledgebase for DIY guides on keeping VTRs in tip top condition.... http://www.vtr1000.org/phpBB3/ viewforum.php?f=31

  • Did mine myself, yell out if you need a hand. :-)

  • Thanks Jason. I am keen to have a go as I have some knowledge of engines and how to handle a spanner but have never worked on a v twin and timing is so important and precise....

  • I talked one of the other VTR guys on fb messages through the whole thing, he was in England. Everything went perfect except he did break the valve cover bolt right at the end. Lol

  • So you helped him break a bolt.....! Lol. I will let you know when I start thanks heaps

  • Lol, no. I talked him through the whole thing until he needed to put the valve covers, tank and the rest together. I spent about 2 hours talking him through it till the main stuff was done. I had to go to bed for work as it was after 12pm. Lol. I did mention not to over do them. I thought everything was sweet only to check fb when i got to work in the morning to see a photo of the broken bolt. lmao

  • To be fair the guides on vtr1000.org are great. I have only replaced my cct's with standard but following the guide it was simple although I did also snap a cam cover bolt too.. have read up and seems quite a few people have as well so guessing it's common... ish lol

  • Did mine on my own about 2 hours easy

  • I only do the Krieger manual cct's , if you take your time it's not so difficult, just use common sence and good tools. Have sets available :-)