Hey guys looking for some advice My cb1000r has been stood for several months...

Hey guys looking for some advice. My cb1000r has been stood for several months due to a house move ect. I haven't touched it stupidly I didn't drain the fuel or anything just parked it up. I've replaced the battery this week and it's cranking over but want fire...? The pump is priming fine as I can here it. I've checked the pump/ sender unit and it's pumping fuel perfectly.. and I have sparks. But I'm pritty sure I'm. Not getting fuel... any ideas what my issue could be??

  • Not yet Pete picking up a set of new plugs after work. Fresh fuel again and had the battery on charge so fingers crossed

  • Keep us posted

  • Got her running lads

  • New a a decent charge on the battery and cleaned the injectors out. Go her running then but still like shit. Changed the fuel aswell there was hardly any water in the system and it was making it run. Like shit. All that sorted she's running like a dream. My mate Paul is a wizard

  • Excellent, get some miles racked up now!!

  • New tyres chain sprockets then mot.. Bring on the summer

  • Thanks for your help all

  • Mines goin in soon for the mappin to be tweeked, its runnin a bit rich on the dynojet map.

  • Told ya now you can enjoy again

  • Haha never been so glad to have someone sat I told ya so hahaha thanks a lot Chris

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  • Like the sound from the cans Ashley.....luverley ;)

  • Cheers buddy

  • Here's an Italian v-twin startup (Beowulf twin cans) after having a new sprag clutch fitted. (I had already upgraded the starter/charging wiring - known issue). ;)