Hey guys new to the group love the posties Just a quick question what s the...


Hey guys new to the group!! love the posties!! Just a quick question what's the legalities of doing an engine swap to a pit bike engine. Cheers.

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  • 110 turbo coming soon!! ;)

  • Yeah Righto just doing some reaserch. Want to start a project and was thinking of doing an engine swap down the line.

    Also aus post has just released there 2011 posties with around the 30k mark for $$$1850. Thoughts ??

  • Mines a 07 with 18k on the clock bargain $900 in mint condition with rego

  • Best cheap fun on 2 wheels :)

  • Naaaaaa don't even worry about how many kms have done mate, just get one that looks clean and is cheap

  • Mate we do the apex outback postie ride and beat these things senseless an they never stop.. A mate has got 90.000 on the clock and it's the fastest one of all 100 that do it haha..

  • To bad you don't live in Queensland Tony Sljuka

  • I ride a harley everyday I don't think I could deal with getting pulled up every 5 seconds by the cops lol

  • Hahaha yeah they don't like Harley's up here.

  • My 110 had 60000kms on it when I put my lifan 125 in it,..only advantage I have now is it pulls up hills in same gear where standard 110s kick down gears...looks almost identical to a postie engine so u should be sweet

    If it's a project I'd build up the 110