hey guys on my 1982 magna I ve found that when im in first gear and im giving...


hey guys, on my 1982 magna I've found that when im in first gear and im giving it a little more, my magna will slip into neural. anyone know anything about this? helpful insight?

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  • Check your linkage James Clifford Carmack

  • Yeah if it isn't throwing all the way into first, due linkage adjustment, the dogs can wear or slip out.

    They all have 3-4 male teeth which slide into holes to engage the gears. Bent shift forks can cause this also. Forks can be bent from jamming it hard or worn dogs popping out of their holes under high load.

    They can be welded and reshaped to correct the problem.

  • Dave Dodge sells machined transmission parts with undercut dogs to correct problems with those. Usually he has those available. But I'm with Tom, check that linkage first. Just bought an 83 V65 Magna that is nearly impossible to shift and only has about 37,000 miles on the clock. Dave's suggestion is to check the linkage, he thinks it's gonna be cruddy and sloppy and may need some clutch bleeding.

  • My issue is not second gear

  • The undercut service still addresses rounded engagement dogs. The reason I suggest checking all linkage and such is because the linkage can prevent the engine from shifting all the way into gear. If it does not go fully into gear (any) it can pop out, which will eventually cause the shift fork to bend.

  • David Munn your issue is more likely either linkage or clutch. Since you dropped the bike and munged up the shift linkage, that's the first place to check.

    If you think about it, the throw between first and second is the longest of any of the throws in the shift pattern. If the linkage is trashed, you don't have the ability to cover the FULL travel distance necessary to get the transmission fully engaged and locked into gear. The result is that when you start applying power, it jumps out of gear. Over time, this will damage transmission components.

    If I'm not mistaken, since yours is an 82, it will be a V45. I don't think the V65 came out till 83. There is already an inherent weakness in the transmission that is apparent under full power, but that's generally in second gear.

    Disassemble the linkage and inspect/repair it.

  • yea im going to look as soon as its not minus 30 degrees C outside haha

  • If the shiftshaft going through the engine got bent, that would cause stiff shiting as well.

  • not stiff just not going into first all the way, im almost certain its my linkage

  • But Dave Dodge has a point. The shaft can be damaged so that it affects one direction beyond the normal travel distance of the other gears. That is second through sixth in both directions can be ok. But going from second through neutral to first is beyond the travel range of the other gears. The shift shady can be damaged to affect that throw and keep you from being able to fully engage first gear.

    He is saying that if the shaft is bent, it will cause the shaft to bind up as it rotates and get stiff. The result is that it just doesn't shift like it should.