Hey guys quick question having issues bike is running well but when open...


Hey guys quick question having issues bike is running well but when open throttle fully it starts missing I've cleaned out carbi have custom exhaust uni filter in air box #80 main jet new plug and needle is second slot from bottom but doesn't help any position cheers

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  • Ever put a carb refurb kit in ??

    That fixed up my issues

    Worn needle and seat

  • Could be a help

  • That's the thing only done that maybe 2000 kms ago max lol

  • Ahhh ok then

    Try restricting the air flow or opening it up

    I put mine back to stock jet and forgot to restrict the flow :/

    Slipped a Pringles can over the pod with a few holes in it hahaha

    Bloody perfect

  • Might see what happenes with old pod back on sigh something so simple has been a pain for so long lol

  • Haha well don't go putting a 160 in without a lot of research first haha

    Stock is the way to go on these bikes

  • Yeh nah don't wanna go Chinese haha

  • it must be connected to the pack rack , the rack has a restrictor in it

  • Nah I've removed the rack airbox is connected to nothing cheers tho

  • well get the rack , if you dont want to use it , cut the little peice of the rack that the air cleaner connected to and put that back in , you will see it is of very small diameter , they will not run properly with out this

  • Ok I'll try that cheers mate

  • Nah fuck that, my 140 is mad fun!

  • Try out a new high tension lead n spark plug cap?

    Able to try out a good coil ?

  • Maybe I'll ask a mate cheers

  • Finally after playing with bike for abit found putting pod filter back on fixed the problem so the standard airbox was restricting it

  • Fantastic ! Good onya !

    You knew it was something simple !!

  • Doesn't make sense tho because I put the Standard #72 main jet in it and still didn't rev lol