Hey guys this will be the first time I have ridden with a brand new tyre on my...


Hey guys this will be the first time I have ridden with a brand new tyre on my vtr. My only other bike I had with a new tyre was my cbr250 so I'm worried about slipping wth that sweet sweet v twin torque. What's you're guys' best way to wear in a brand new tyre?

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  • or just go for a blast and take it easy, oh and don't do the burnout at brands hatch during a race weekend pmsl

  • Ride it like fuck!

  • Ride thoughtfully for about 100mls and then do as above!

  • Riding with new tyres on is mostly just a problem in the wet. When the tyres are made a releasing agent is applied to the inside of the mould to allow the tyre to be removed once the moulding process has finished. This releasing agent it what gives new tyres that shiny appearance and unfortunately gives just about zero grip on wet surfaces. If you have the option go and wear the releasing agent off the tyres on dry roads. If you have to go out in the wet just go very carefully until the surface of the tyre is sufficiently scuffed for there to be no trace of the releasing agent. Remember there may still be traces on the outside edge of the tyres if you haven't leaned the bike over very much during the wearing process.

  • Kind of a long shot but do you think rubbing alcohol will help get it off? Just trying to be extra safe

  • Possibly, but wouldn't like to commit. Being an organic solvent alcohol should sort most things, but not sure I'd feel completely confident chucking my bike into some twisties if all I'd done to a new pair of tyres is clean them with alcohol.

  • Scuffing and using solvents ect I personally think is pointless .

    Just ride it man. Nothing to wild. Open roads, not too much stop start. After a few hours they'll be fine.

  • Thanks for all the tips guys. Currently my bike is my only vehicle so I'm doing everything I can to keep the rubber side down!

  • I hear ya mate. I just think rubbing stuff on the thing you rely on to stop and stay upright is asking for trouble.

    Just get a bit of friction heat in them and they'll do what they're supposed to.

  • I had a new tyre put on about a month ago,all I did was take it easy for the first 100km and then after that it was sweet

  • Burnouts. Even after they're worn in. A good burnout always soothes the soul