• hey guys what is the best oil i can run in my CT110 i know a lot of people are...

    hey guys what is the best oil i can run in my CT110? i know a lot of people are gonna say any cheap stuff will do but i want my postie to last as long as it can so i was thinking a really good synthetic like redline, amsoil or motul etc around the 20W-50W viscosity..

    • I used Penrite 10w40 semi synthetic and my bike loved it

    • any 10/40 fully synth will be better than it has ever dreamed of...

    • 10/40 Repsol syntactic best oil you'll get. Many top postie gran Prix bikes run it.

    • That would including the #21 machine of Troy Bayliss/Postie Bikes Australia! :)

    • Yes Warrick Penfold #21 Troy Bayliss machine went hard all day in the Postie Bike Grand Prix. It never missed a beat for the team.

    • Fully synthetic is the only way to go.

    • Yeah done some research and some are saying clutch slippage can happen with full synthetic's. They also say a diesel synthetic like rimula is good. Bit confused atm as to which way to go....

    • Penrite diesel oil as long as it is MA rated.

    • If you use standard 'mineral' oil, change it every 1,000 km and make sure that the oil is ALWAYS at the full mark. Synthetic oil can last 2,000km without being changed.

    • What do you use in yours William Borg?

    • Synthetic oil - when it's on a special - when it's not - mineral oil. I do prefer Synthetic, though.