Hey I have a question


Hey, I have a question..

I installed an extreme snorkel this morning.

When I put my hand over the snorkel riser, the motor will not kill..

It almost will, but it's about to collapse my air box..

Do y'all think it's good, or is something wrong?

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  • ^^^this

  • Just silicon it it's easy to get it off to check your air filter

  • Jeremy Homan Man I'm new to all of this..

    How do I go about doing the smoke test??

  • Party stores rent a smoke machine or u can buy one cheap..fill your snorkels with the fog and check everywhere for smoke

  • I use the little cheap firework smoke bombs, except I plug the intake to the motor before I do. Drop the bomb in the airbox, install lid, inspect for any leaks anywhere besides airbox lid, no leaks no problems, remove lid remove rag in intake remove plug in end of snorkel, silicone bead around airbox seal and install, let sit for a few hours to ensure proper setting.

    Done probably 15-20 420s this way. I don't take customer bikes in water to "test".

  • Man thank y'all.. I'm going get a smoke machine and some beer..

    Y'all have a good evening.

  • There's a little tube on the front of the air box that my kit didn't come with to seal might want to check that, it's on the foot brake side

  • Did you plug the hole in the bottom of the airbox? Seal the lid down with silicone? Glue all the pvc together good?

  • I did not plug the hole on the bottom of the air box..

    The pvc is all glued extra good..

  • I would plug the hoke on the bottom that is a drain..I would either plug it or make a watertight drain plug