• Hey just a quick question What is the best oil for my grom As I m new to the...

    Hey just a quick question. What is the best oil for my grom. As I'm new to the world of motorised vehicles so I don't know the difference

    • 10w 30 motorcycle 4 stroke oil. Fully synthetic or semi is fine.

    • Motul 10-40 is my favorite to run in all my bikes look it up. I also Actually gave royal purple 10-40 a try too and it's nice but motul seems to hold its viscosity a lil longer. I only use synthetic in all my vehicles...its just better, period. Synthetic blend is not synthetic btw....not a huge price difference just buy 100% synthetic or go to Honda and buy Honda gn4 or hp4. Also can't go wrong with Honda oils...I'm sure these bikes were built and tested using Honda oils without a doubt.

    • 10w 30 is recommended for uk climate. 10w 40 is Honda recommendation for hotter climes like USA etc

    • Either one works I live in northeast in USA it's freezing here I've used 30 and 40 and prefer 40 year round. Also that's what the dudes near me all run..I have the kitaco spinner delete and pump and cooler too dk how much of a difference that makes but shit i def prefer 40 in the winter and use it in summer too. Bike sounds better and feels smoother at idle and riding with the 40...Either or works try em both out the difference will not kill the bike unless ur in extremely rare high or low climates

    • I know both work was just stating the reason why Honda recommends slightly differ continent to continent.

    • Stephen Stewart yep I got ya explaining myself to the dude who asked the question in case he's confused by both our responses