Hey just wanted to say Ive done research and the ban was only 10 years for atc...

Hey just wanted to say. Ive done research and the ban was only 10 years for atc's plus the honda hq site and otheres specifically states. Atc atv and dirtbike r equally as dagerous. More people have died on atvs. I think its about time we start a tuition or something start emailing honda hq. And stuff. Lets make a come back and bring atc's back!!!!

  • Yeah they should learn a lesson for quads than more people get hurt on those.

  • And killed.

  • LOL PEOPLE GET KILLED ON BICYCLES,, stupid people die everyday .. and if they stupid keep it up sooner or later they will ban everything,, then all you will be able to do is work and play video games on a soft couch

  • Nice try bro I would like that but is a no go bro

  • Tpc trikes. Com

  • More people die on atvs because there are more in production.

  • If you try to push this they may look into it, and try to stop everything we have got going now a days with them

  • yep we lose riding areas because insurance policies are reviewed ,, and them you find a sign at your favorite spot saying "NO 3 WHEELERS" not because more people are getting injured ,,, but because they don't want higher premiums so we suffer,,,,,

  • Yea so it's best to not do what your thinking, not like your the first to think about it, just a bad idea is all

  • We all no the ban ended in 97. But atc's will never come back in production. The public views them as a danger to civilans. so than your pears that never rode one. So long live the atc