Hey ladies and gents I ve got a question. and probably a few more today

Hey ladies and gents, I've got a question( and probably a few more today) I've finally started to dig into my bike today since the weather is getting better and I'll be riding a lot more. My first question is I have a slight oil leak that I'm assuming comes from a vent since it only leaks or drips when the bike is warm. Could anyone tell me where this leads to? It's on the front left side of bike. It's kind annoying cause it sprays a little while riding and I have to clean the oil off every couple days, and top it off every few weeks. Thanks in advance

  • Front cam cover to airbox

  • So just a plug or?

  • Or a tube leading to air box

  • Should be a pipe.

    It's a breather tube.

    All vapours get recycled via airbox

  • It's not something that will cause problems if I can't get if fixed right away right? Is it possible to show some pictures to where it leads?

  • Should have a pipe to air box

  • Number 12

  • Yup hose missing to filter box

  • This is for the American version too?

  • The picture is me looking up at it

  • Isn't it he pair valve off feed the rocker cover? Blank this one and the one off the rear.

  • Do not blank this off.

    It's a pressure relief from crank case.

  • Is this the one I should get?

  • So what should I do with it lol

  • Can't really see from the pic. Is it straight off the top of the rocker cover?

  • I can take another picture in a few

  • Connect it to the air box with the pipe that's number 12 in the picture I previously posted.

    Even if you use a piece of garden hose, it'll be better than oil spewing all over the front of the bike.

  • You can always run a pipe from it to an oil catcher can.

    Race bike style

  • yes