Hey my speedometer doesn t work replaced the cable still nothing I think the...


Hey, my speedometer doesn't work, replaced the cable still nothing. I think the wheel end is fine. Are their replaceable parts in the speedometer?

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  • undo cable at speedo, lift front wheel and rotate and see if cable spins. if no, the problem is in front wheel hub, if yes, its problem with speedo.

  • speedo is a sealed unit, have to get replacement if not working

  • FACK!

  • Pull the steel cable core out by 10mm at the speedo end, turn the steel cable as you insert it back. Make sure it feels like the cable core is sitting in the hub end 'properly'. Now reconnect the cable to the speedo end. Good luck, hope it works.

  • Check the inner cable is there

    Mine had jumped out and the inner had dropped out

    Ended up ripping mine off and replacing with a Trail Tech Vapor and dash kit

  • Is the front wheel around the correct way? Drive should be on left. (I made the mistake and put my forks around the wrong way when I put mine back together)