Hey people im looking for a neat tail tidy for my sf Any ideas much...


Hey people, im looking for a neat tail tidy for my sf! Any ideas much appreciated

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  • Gavin Greenall

  • H2c ones I have in stock ready to go £45.00 with delivery

  • I want one that will sit more flush and not stick out at all

  • No worries

  • I love the look of the R&G ones but hate fitting them, it's a proper pain in the arse. But they do sit flush though...

  • Yeah im thinking R&G but just hanging on to see if there are others if not then R&G it is

  • The plate gets tucked right up under the tail which I think cleans up the back end nicely. However if you go with R&G be prepared for incomplete instructions and a bit of a headache! I can give you some tips if you end up going with it.

  • Nice! Is this yours! Looks really neat mate just what im after and maybe a integrated tailight!

  • R&G

  • Also hows the tyga can any good mate!

  • Yeah most probably going with R&G

  • Yup, that's mine! Tyga can sounds good, but I think the baffle may fall out shortly

  • Looks nice and neat.

  • There's 3 to choose from depending on your indicator s

  • £20 one of the nutters page

  • Its going to be for my sf and will be low mount so wouldn't affect it

  • Wheres the nutters page mate?

  • Its a facebook page mate but not open for everone to join. The tidy on my pick is for an old shape one but i modified it to fit. And the guy that makes them has just made them for the new shape. Ill get his name for you quick and you can pm him

  • Thanks alot mate appreciate it!

  • Mark chorley think he might be on this page aswell let me know if u can get hold of him and ill messge him for u

  • Yes i managed to get hold of him mate thank you

  • No worries mate. Top quality tail tidy for 20 quid posted

  • Yeah cannot go wrong! I messaged him hopefully he gets back to me mate!

  • H2c tail tidy looks like stock but better. Can use your existing stock number plate light, indicator lights and no issues using with tyga exhaust. Where as r&g moves indicators too far back by look of one I've seen.

  • Indicators are in exactly the same place on my R&G

  • Have a look at this

  • That actually surprised me. When I seen an r&g tail tidy on new sf it looked like indicators sat fraction further back compared to stock msx next to it. We are not talking lots of distance but enough to cause slight concern with tyga exhaust and possible heat issues with indicators. If you have r&g and side mounted tyga that comes up side near under seat then must be no issues. But when I compared stock next to r&g there looked to be sat further under seat and down slightly which made look like apparent issues. Thanks for clearing up.