• Hey riders got a sprocket question

    Hey riders got a sprocket question.....

    • It's not the ends of the teeth that wear except in extreme cases of neglect. A sprocket wears on the slopes of the teeth and yours don't look the same both sides of the tooth. If you put a new chain on an old sprocket the chain stretches to match the worn pitch of the old sprocket in a couple of hundred miles. Scrap the sprocket, it's no use to you. I've tried to point out on the frame from your video where your sprocket looks a bit worn - but it's hard to see clearly.

    • I don't have a new chain. But I see where its a Lil worn. So can I still use this sprocket for a little while longer?

    • I only ride back and forth to work. In the city. No highway. Usually 35mph is the speed limit

    • What's wrong with the sprocket currently on the bike?

    • The one that you pointed out about the slopes is the one that was on the bike. I thought maybe it was worn. So I put the sprocket on that the previous owner gave me. So should I put the little worn sprocket back on or use the newer sprocket? Will it hurt the chain? That's what I'm asking about. Lol sorry just want to make sure I don't have any issues

    • The chain will have stretched slightly to match the worn sprocket which means its pitch is very slightly longer than the pitch on the better sprocket. This will cause the sprocket to wear quickly to match the chain. as the front sprocket has fewer teeth they will wear at approximately three times the rate that the rear sprocket does therefore your front sprocket will probably show more wear. Best bet would be to change the whole set and then keep well lubed. But to answer your question; it's rideable and safe.

    • OK thank you

    • Previous owner might have put a 39t sprocket on that's the most popular !! To drop rpms at highway speeds !! As long as previous owner didn't drop too many teeth the chain should be the same !! I put 38t sprocket and lost 2 links in chain length !!

    • I'll have to look and see what it is. The front needs changing also. So I'm just going to have to replace both sprockets and chain

    • count the teeth you might want to go with the smaller one a 44tooth is only good for drag racing or city driving.