Hey so i have recently found a problem with my 95 honda It is to do with the...

Hey so i have recently found a problem with my 95 honda, It is to do with the brake light and how it wont go on when i pull or push either brake and i have no idea why. I have looked at my wireing to see if there are any faults and to what i can see and with my lack of knowlage i just cannot see where the problem is. The back driving light works fine it shines away to its self happily but jus not the secon fillament... I have bought a new bulb and still nothing so it is somethign to do with the wireing but i dont know where. If anyone has any tips as to how i can find this fault or even had this done to them before and know how to fix it, it would be greatly apreciated. Thank you for those of you who reply.

  • Ooh no the little plunger thing is there and fine its pussing back out if i press it, I Thought it was a wire touching a piece of mettal or something else that its not ment to that is tripping the back brake light.

  • Thank you Dodi Topanga i will have a look at that and see if i can sign up

  • Could be but that would involve removing all of the brake light wire to see the inner frame wiring

  • Yeah, well if i want to ride on road then i guess i need to then haha

  • Yeah shouldn't be that extream mine was just new switches

  • Yeah well ill try the new switch first just incase:) Thank you for the help and tips.

  • Thats alright mate anything to get a rebel on the road

  • Did u replace the bulb....

  • It's a 2 filament bulb maybe one is bad

  • Yeah i had done but still the same result haha.