Hhhmmm maybe by years end lol

Hhhmmm maybe by years end lol

  • Or just one good weekend. LOL

  • Maybe this upcoming

  • Thats part of a good weekend. :) When I had my Rebel my GF and I did a 250 mile day trip one saturday through the Flint HILLS, two up! Yeah, it lost speed going up hills and I had to wave people around. Great fun though. Some of my best memories. I miss that bike, wish I never had to sell it.

  • Eh..eh..eh..60.000 km... ( almost 38.000 miles)

  • My 13 year old daughter loves to go for rides. Loose some on hills too but so worth the fun

  • KM/H yes. I do not think the rebel could do 140MPH

  • It's 140 KPH Paul. The odometer is in kilometers.

  • Yes..my odometer is in km/h...max speed of my rebel is 125 km/h.. ( almost 80 mph)