• Hi 110 folks I have a two part question for a noob me looking to purchase a...

    Hi 110 folks. I have a two part question for a noob (me), looking to purchase a retired Australia Post bike:

    1) What are the top three things I should expect to repair (generally speaking) on a bike that runs? And...

    2) Are there any specific issues I should keep an eye out for?

    Your advice/help would be greatly appreciated!

    • All depends on how old the ct110 is and where you bought it from ?

      I would check the chain and sprockets 1st as Australia post tended to neglect.

      Clutch adjustment will most likely be out

      Oil change ASAP with quality motorcycle oil

      Also most batteries are flat

      There is a start

    • Good advice. Thanks Warrick!

    • Also check and clean the mesh oil screen, its often needed!

      It's all basic stuff with the mighty CT, brake pads and cables, chain and sprockets, tyres, lights...

    • Buy a lithium battery

    • twice the price – better crank power, do you think?

    • yeah, I thought as much. mostly external things. thinking I might need to consider rings depending on kms too.

    • Means you can use battery for all kinds of power applications when engine is off and she'll start just fine and recharge next day, unlike typical vehicle batteries which hate to be fully diacharged.

    • Ah. Great idea.

    • Id listen for timing chain noise. And possibly put a chain and roller kit through it

    • Where u at ?