Hi all

Hi all,

I have a 95 ct110, sprockets and chain will need replacing very soon.

I'm after some info on upgraded sprockets gearing for higher speeds?

Any info greatly appreciated ☺

  • 16 front 45 rear is about it , anymore and you need more power to make it work

  • Thanks Johnny I'll get on and order now. I plan on upgrading the motor whether it's the big bore kit or the 140 lifan motor just unsure atm.

  • Would be better off staying honda.....

  • How do the lifan motors hold up?

  • Mate is running one and runs great, heaps more torque and higher top speed with standard gearing.

  • What Johnny Bear McFarlane said .

    16/45 is the max for a standard engine .

    When you add more power you can pull taller gearing

    Eg my daily has approx 10hp and pulls 16/42 nicely

    Enjoy your postie!!