Hi all any of you running one of these pipercross filters R they any good and...


Hi all any of you running one of these pipercross filters? R they any good and do u have to do jetting kit bfor using?


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  • Happy to help mate. I'm in Melbourne so can talk you through it online.

  • Will flick ya message in morn got week niteshift

  • Where in Perth Jason Osborne. Should come on a ride with us. I post rides on PSB and also join in on the Meetup group, Perth motorcycle and sidecar meetup rides.

  • Hi Chris I live in Clarkson will look yas up for sure cheers

  • Did Lancelin run with35 bikes the long way round last Sunday, had a blast and great people. Did York through all the twisties with 20 bikes the weekend before. Good fun

  • Sounds good mate will have to get amongst it for sure

  • Ive got one of these too! bike ran like a two stroke but definitely more power and top end acceleration! I found that running on half choke evened things out but obviously you cant do that all the time! ........ Am looking at a dynojet kit...... unless Jay Morrison s option is more workable! =D

  • I have had more success with Factory Pro jet kits.

  • I have pipercross, you definitely need 48 pilot jets and at least 180+182 mains. At first I would try to tune it with stock needles in stock position (not raised), just bigger pilots and main jets. But opinions vary ...

  • Cheers Stepan Mika got few options now

  • I bought one and fitted it. Ran like a dog. Fitted dynojet and runs fine now. Not had it dyno'd yet though but I am going to test it on a trackday.

  • Cheers Michael