Hi all dose the R R unit get hot when running pls help


Hi all dose the R R unit get hot when running pls help

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  • no not always! they too have been known to have issues, you need to find a mosfet one to be 'trouble' free

  • fit a newer type Honda plug and play finned unit and all will be good. no fucking about with wires and if it unlikely ever goes again its just another plug and play item you can get asap

  • Check out VTR1000.ORG for any help you need

  • any reg/rec could fail, but the r1/r6 unit was the best mod ive done on ALL of my Hondas in the past, end of the day it depends also how long your thinking of owning the bike. R1 regulator can be had for like £25 and a few connectors, i know which route i'd be going down. I never had one issue with any of my hondas i'd upgraded with r1/6 unit.

  • The CBR125 swaps straight in too. Currently running one on Paulines, no issues whatsoever....

  • Cheer all just fitted a cbr125 Clive and when I started it up it got quite hot is this right ?

  • They will get hot - hence the fins to dissipate the heat....

  • Ok thank you

    And thank you all for help


  • Need a bit more with the cbr 125 RR Unit, when the RR unit is fitted is neg on the right or left

    Pls helpf