Hi all got a standard ct110 with hi lo 6 volt cdi the piston rings have let go...


Hi all got a standard ct110 with hi/lo 6 volt cdi, the piston rings have let go Smokey & using oil, should i go big bore to 118 or just next size up? Been told if i go big bore will require head porting,bigger carby & sport's exhaust for best result, it only gets used of road up bush & hill climbing, just after peoples oppinions i want it to be reliable


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    No head work required .

    Std carb and exhaust is fine but yes bigger gains to be had by bigger CORRECT carb etc

    25-30% gains had with standard exhaust and carb

  • The big bore kit made mine more fun to ride, with it and some other mods all but doubled the power at the wheel. Keeps up with traffic and has a bit more grunt to get thru moderate speed traffic

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  • The only other mods I have atm is exhaust, pod filter, jetting increase and a bigger cam.

    I have a head I am porting out and trying to find some bigger valves and have a 26mm mikuni carby to go on once the heads been fitted

  • What carb and and piston you recommend

  • I have custom made forged Pistons avaliable

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  • Buy Warrick Penfold piston kit we did coast to coast 6800km ..you will love it

  • Thanks Peter O'Connor ive already put a later model ct200 auto ag front end in & upgraded the rear shockers i agree with you its like tune the chasis & suspension on race cars suprising what you can get before you start looking at engines i also have a wr426 we have a local club rides on the posties love a challenge

  • Looks like the rear shocks could do with a bit of work by the look of the pic

  • Rear shockers LOL

  • Most power gains are in head and carby/exhaust, if you want reliability don't go big bore.

  • What stage cam are you runing? I was thinking stage 1

  • I've got a stage 3, so more top end. It seems to come in after 5000rpm

  • What forks are you using and what are you going to put on the rear ?

  • Hi Wayne Coles front are ct200 auto ag forks & triple clamps rear of ebay forget which supplier japbikespares? They have all different sizes

  • Thats the pic it did not load above

  • Thanks for the reply Kieran . Here's a picture of one of our Postie Bikes on Cable Beach Broome We