Hi all have we got a for sale selling page on this club site As I m after some...


Hi all have we got a for sale/ selling page on this club site? As I'm after some bike trousers for my 13 year old lad as we're of touring for his first time this year

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  • Your ok to post on here mate, everyone seems sensible enough not to advertise non bike stuff

  • Cheers John Peter Campey I'll give it a go

  • I'm after buying some textile or leather bike trousers for a 13 year old slim lad. Plus maybe a jacket. Size small. If anybody can help I will much obliged. Cheers

  • Try www.ghostbikes.com

  • Cheers

  • I use sportsbikeshop website to get reviews , a base price and see the selection of goods on the market. Then do the Scottish thing of getting whatever cheaper at local dealer.

  • Sounds like a good plan to me scotty