hi all I have a question how to know When should I change the Final drive or...

hi all I have a question, how to know? When should I change the Final drive or rear differential oil? my honda shadow is 2006, ,and 5500 miles

  • Believe the manual calls for this at 24,000 miles. I switched to a synthetic lube at that time.

  • Checked at 8,000 and 16,000 and changed at 24,000 miles.

  • I change mine out every 10k.

  • I changed my girls 06 at 35k and it was nasty.

  • If it's the original lube it's been in there for 8 or 9 years . If your climate varies from hot to cold it probably has picked up condensation . For all it will cost for a bit of gear lube I'd change it , but that's just my thinking.

  • It cost me about $3 to change every time i do my oil. Its so easy.

  • Thanks for all the advices , i will probably change it myself

  • I change the engine oil at 6000klm and rear axle every 12000klm.