Hi all I have an 08 CBF1000 with an MRA touring screen and am getting some...


Hi all I have an '08 CBF1000 with an MRA touring screen and am getting some serious helmet buffeting over 100 km/hr. I am 6'4" tall. Anyone got any experience on finding a fix for the buffeting? Thanks for all input.

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  • Calsci large screen. There are other ways using varado screens and brackets, but the calsci is what I was recommended.

  • I've got the MRA touring screen too n it depends on the wind but I'm only 5'7

  • This is mine, note the std. screen and the brackets holding the Honda Varadero xl1000 screen, with 'wings' and laminar flow plate.

  • Std. screen is at higher position, and I look over the top of the screens and laminar plate. I like to experiment, as you might tell.

  • These are what I would go for, if cash flow permitted... http://www.calsci.com/motorcycleinfo/CBF1000prod.h tml

  • Thanks guys for the comments and pics. Sounds like I need to budget for a calsci :)