Hi All I have just started listing all my firestorm spares on eBay There will...

Hi All, I have just started listing all my firestorm spares on eBay. There will be more coming on in the next few days including the bike itself. So far I have listed an Ohlins shock, Harris rear sets, PFM cast iron discs (never been fitted) and Moko crash bungs. I have loads of bits including titax stubby levers, rentec grab rail, carbon lowers (bit of damage), spare complete clutch and lots more.. User name is manwithadan. Will add a pic here of the bits. I haven't got fixed prices in mind but I know what most the bits are worth. If you want any of the bits before they go on eBay then make me a reasonable offer (but please be sensible about price) by sending me a message but don't ask how much do you want for ....

Thanks all

  • Ha ha ha .. The shock is already listed on eBay with a bid on it. No idea what it's worth as they are a grand new but this one has got a number of marks and chips on it.

  • BTW if anyone is trying to lose weight from their bike, the standard exhaust cans weigh about 4.9 kilos each. The Remus ones weigh about 3.8 each and the Arrow ones weigh 1.8 kilos each!!! I couldn't believe the difference in weight was that much.

  • I was gonna be tempted with the Remus ones to got with the race system I've got but you might have just changed my mind lol

  • The Remus ones I have are pretty tatty tbh, the arrows aren't spotless either I'm afraid

  • how much for pfms? thanks

  • Is that a belly pan?

  • not possible to deliver it in the world ? (for exemple the sock :))

  • shock**

  • Have you listed the arrow cans yet mate?

  • Hi all, I have decided that I'm just going to put everything on eBay and see what happens. Will hopefully list the rest tonight if time permits. Thanks for the interest so far and good luck if you decide to bid on anything