Hi all. I recently acquired a lovely C2 Spirit from 2010

Hi all. I recently acquired a lovely C2 Spirit from 2010.

I use her in town to get to the office, but I'm also planning to do some light touring.

I am after a clip on / detachable screen. Any recommendations? Do these even exist for the Spirit?

(PS I'm in London, UK)

  • National Cycle. Switchblade.

  • Mine has a Memphis Shades snap on.

  • Memphis shades. Mine comes off and back on again in under 10 seconds. Highly suggest getting one

  • OK, so after much research I decided on a bullet fairing from Memphis Shades with a clip on mounting kit. They get good reviews, anyone here got one?

    Ordered it from this place: http://www.harleycustom.co.uk/ who seemed helpful on the phone... (and too expensive to import from the US!)

    Here's hoping it 1. Arrives 2. Fits correctly 3. Does the job! :)

  • I got 3 switchblades.....short flyscreen for town........chopped medium for warm highway cruuising .......tall 2up for cold damp weather.........takes a qick pull to change over in a couple seconds......I'M pleased with them

  • So, a question. Is there a way to leave these clip on screens on securely also? I commute into central London every day and the bike is parked on the street outside the office. Is there a mechanism to stop someone just clipping the screen off and walking off with it..?

  • Success! Got a Memphis Shades Bullet fairing. Fits well, looks good. Took the hog out for a spin, wore the open face helmet deliberately, and I think it made a difference :) Thanks for your advice, guys! I got the fairing from AR Harley & Sons in Lancashire, they got the part with a minim of fuss from Germany and I had it at my door in London 3 days later. Cost about half what it would to get from America via EBay. Good times! :)

  • Here's how it looks:

  • nice looking but too small for highway cruising in my opinion

  • Bill, it might become an issue on longer journies, but for present, I'm unlikely to do any touring outside of the UK, or do more than 70/80 miles on a motorway in one go :) I AM contemplating a batwing but not just yet!