Hi all I recently purchased a 2006 Aero and have a couple questions I hope...

Hi all, I recently purchased a 2006 Aero and have a couple questions I hope someone can help answer. First, how can I remove the passenger seat? Or is it one piece? Had to take the saddle bags off after I saw they rubbed the paint off the fenders. And, I'm looking for what the tire pressure should be in both tires.

  • I liked the way mine looked without it, but it's summer now and the daughter demands that I make a seat available to her...lol

  • Aero's look great with a solo seat. You've picked a great bike. Ride safe and enjoy.

  • congrats lisa on your purchase....the seat is actually two parts, unbolt the 8mm bolt on the rear of seat and remove the two bolt located on side of the seat! best wishes and be safe!

  • I rock a solo seat! Get to show off pinstriping and it's a good excuse to not bring the gf along haha

  • I replaced my rear seat with a luggage rack.

  • Thanks everyone. I like the luggage rack idea, Eric. I waited almost 15 years to learn how to ride and last year was the year. I started with a Rebel and just a few weeks ago moved up to my Aero. Love it. I bought this specific bike because of the bags and windshield (already knew how comfortable it was). Found out when the sun was setting the plexiglass was ruined (couldn't see through it at all) and the bags were too loose (rubbed paint off fenders also). Now, three weeks later I have no windshield nor bags, but it looks good. I drive my bike to and from work and would like to carry stuff outside of a back pack.

  • 30 psi. And yes the pass. seat comes off the bolts are under the main seat.

  • I finally put the luggage racks on mine to keep the bags off the fenders. At least the new bags hide the chunk taken out of the paint from the last set of bags! I swapped my OEM seat for a Mustang Classic set and keep the passenger seat on for the added back support but still have the rack to swap for long trips. I'm trying to decide on tire pressure myself. I've always followed the listed pressures on the bike but my mechanic told me I should run higher, around 40psi to make my tires last longer. Said the recommended pressures just really make you buy more tires and my brand, Bridgestone, can definitely handle the higher pressure. He's an old timey instructor from AMA in Daytona and hasn't steered me wrong yet. Congrats on the new ride!

  • My bike had soft bags that were run under the passenger seat and roughed up the paint. Now I have hard bags and a tour pack. Some don't like the look, but I do. Tried a batwing fairing, but didn't care for it and took it off and put the windshield back on. I ride to work and back, about 90 miles a day in all kinds of weather, so I like the storage for my uniforms and gear.