Hi all new to this site as I just got myself a vtr Having a bit of bother with...

Hi all new to this site as I just got myself a vtr Having a bit of bother with starting it think it may be starter motor but not sure has anyone got one for sale also belly pan cheers all

  • Thanx Daniel but was after the longer one. Scott it's sounds like the starter is just spinning then all of a sudden it kicks in

  • Daniel were u from might have a run down and collect that belly pan

  • I sell refurbished starters at £55 delivered. check the main connection between the starter and the main power cable isn't corroded.....https://www.facebook.com/group s/vtrworldwide/permalink/45047 5225157101/

  • As above. Pull back the rubber boot on the cable to the starter motor and check for corrosion. A good dollop of dielectric grease will help for future reference.

  • Martin before I buy one could it be anything else. The bit the cable connects to on starter is rounded of and corroded could that be the problem. Would that cause it to just spin then engage

  • Can't get on to ya link mate

  • Swaffham mate

  • The problem with vtr is that the starter motor get everything thrown at it. If it's corroded try and clean it off and see if it try to start. You can cut the bolt off and strip the motor but new bushes in and a new bolt. Not too hard then make sure you grease it when you put it back together

  • there are other possibilities Billy Winstanley, but not with the main power cable, sprag clutches can fail, but that will mean a screeching noise, the link can only be viewed if your on the firestorm parts page, I also have an ebay advert, but I offer the starter £10 cheaper on here. as it's been said before, pull back the rubber boot, if it's heavily corroded, then that's most likely the problem, I can't stress how important it is to grease under the rubber boot. I can also supply a spare rubber boot if your one has split or perished. as of tomorrow evening I will be away for a month, so if you want one let me know buddy.

  • I will have one but how can I pay for it mate as I got cash but not in bank lol. Is there anyway of doing it

  • the only thing I can think of, is if you have a friend who has a paypal account, kindly ask them to pay and you give them the cash. if that's possible, let me know and i'll send you my payment details buddy

  • Not quite... The screeching noise occurs if the transfer gears are faulty, not the sprag clutch.

  • I stand corrected doh !!!!, I think mine are on the way out atm, not looking forward to doing that job.... :(

  • We can do it at Grainstorm if you let me know which parts you need.

  • not sure i'll be there mate, i'll know more within the next two weeks