• Hi all thanks for excepting me on your forum I am hoping to move up from my...

    Hi all, thanks for excepting me on your forum, I am hoping to move up from my 2013 NC 700x to a crosstourer, any advice. I am 87 kilos and 171cm I think a lower seat is my first option ? Ride safe out there, treat everyone else as a potential killer out to get you and you should be fine !!

    • Well, with 171cm, I think it is a MUST to buy a lower seat, or at least a modification of the original one.

    • Go to the gym , you will need to be strong 275 kilos its a big lump

    • I work out every day in the grounds where I am the gardener

    • My bike is lowered much better than messing with the seat

    • You'll soon get used to it.... :)

    • Yes i have looked at that option as well! but it changes the geometry and handling! have you noticed a before and after difference?

    • I see on the net its artound 50€ my seat man for the 750nc was close to 300€!!

    • Thanks I hope so ,,I am an ex motocrosser, in the past ( the 80's) I had a Honda 480CR to chuck around ;-))

    • I brought it lowered from our Honda dealer. Had it a year now 8000 miles later all seems good to me its just nice to get both feet flat on the ground.

    • Great bikes

    • Get dirty easily though

    • It looks like you've just ridden through a sh*t storm Russ

    • 171 cm is good enough. I'm 170cm OK for me

    • This item on eBay is fully adjustable works fine for me https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/181 912073149

    • Very easy to adjust for my short Arse