Hi anyone know a good and cheap place online ebay for jets I remember about a...


Hi, anyone know a good and cheap place online (ebay) for jets, I remember about a year ago finding a seller on ebay selling jets for about £3 each... I don't want to pay £65 for a set that I don't need and is overflated.

I need 2 mainjets at 145 and 2 pilot jets at 45... Any ideas?

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  • Try Amazon

  • Seriously though? Nothing coming up at all, do people sell jets on there?

  • Yes, I was looking at them a few days ago

  • Can you send me a link to what you found?

  • I use the app, no links. Search by brand of carbs and the word "jet"

  • Tj brutal customs.com

  • i respect what he does but i only need 4 jets, and i know i can get them for £12 at most.

  • Found some mikuni carburetor jets on amazon, do all mikuni carburetor jets fit same?

  • I'd look at service manual on your bike should tell you what jet sizes and all

  • I have looked and there's nothing in there... It's not an original manual. It is a 91 vlx 600 dual carb... I know wat sizes i need, 125 main and 45 pilot.... but are there different thread sizes?

  • Wouldn't think so I have a 04 vlx 600 cd and all threads are same but not sure about yours dual carbs

  • damn, why does this have to be so tricky

  • Pretty sure yours would be the same no matter what jet size also my service manual only covers 97 and 04 models

  • Just had mine off last week cleaned jets and carb good time lol

  • Try a honda dealer. We're a honda dealer and have all jets in stock for about every carb

  • where can I view? I am UK based.

  • Jets R Us.

    They sell genuine Keihin and Mikuni jets. They also have their own cheapies.

    And they won't bait and switch. You get what you order.

    They also have a lot of good info on jetting.

  • Don't buy them on Amazon or eBay!!! There are fakes out there which will make your bike run like garbage. Get them from a reputable dealer. You may not even need new ones. Try cleaning the old ones first.

  • Been given some advice, so I need to take the pods off and spray a little carb cleaner down while twisting throttle an engine, the idea is if the second cylinder picks it up and fires over then it's a case of the jets are clogged up and need cleaning.

  • Also spoke with TJ BRUTAL CUSTOMS today and he has said scrap pods, because CV carbs do not like them and they create 'turbulence' in the carbs.... I will post more info on that soon.

  • Just for the benefit of all readers who might have a similar situation...... Here's what TJ BRUTAL said....

  • Here's what the write up says - Why don't you sell pod/cone/pancake filters?

    Don't use a cone filter. There's a reason i don't sell them to people. I don't offer anything that's sub par or not good for your bike. No matter how you tune the bike with a cone filter, you will always have either sub par performance or an issue with one or more throttle stages. The VT600 has a vacuum operated CV carburetor, which means that the slide is operated by the vacuum in the venturi of the carburetor.

    For the slide to operate properly the venturi requires a steady negative vacuum, a pod/cone/pancake filter creates a large amount of turbulence right next to the slide, destroying the carbs ability to properly deliver the right amount of metered portions of fuel and air to the motor. On a flow meter bench test, pod filters created a stupid amount of turbulence in the carburetor, whereas a velocity stack succeeded in reducing the turbulence in the venturi making tuning easier and allowing the motor to perform better. The stock intake system is actually designed around a velocity stack principle; both dual and single carb models because the engineers know this is an effective way of delivering air to a CV carb. Now it bears mentioning that A mechanical carb where the slide is operated by a cable attached to the throttle, a pod filter is less of an issue. Granted, on a mechanical carb a velocity stack does improve performance, but a pod/cone filter will work. The CV carbs on the Honda Shadow line are well made, easy to use and easy to upkeep, requiring minimal knowledge and skill to maintain and upgrade them. If you want to increase your bikes performance and get rid of the fugly stock intake, Pick up a velocity stack/s and a performance jet kit from the site, READ the entire FAQ page and watch my youtube channel tjbrutalcustoms ;) Everything you need is there to get your bike running and tuned properly!

    I suggest my velocity stacks, not because I'm trying to turn a buck but because Its genuinely the best means of increasing performance on your bike before going to a jet engine. messing with your mains and pilots wont help your situation honestly.

    If you pick up my Velocity stacks with my performance tuning kit you will have most everything you need to get set up. You may want the vacuum plugs too. I suggest watching my youtube videos as well as they walk you through the whole process.

    No idea what that calculator is but its WAY off! LOL

  • Jetsrus.com