• Hi as I m new to cbf I000 2008 I was wondering what the MPG was on a tank full...

    Hi as I'm new to cbf I000 2008 I was wondering what the MPG was on a tank full of fuel thx

    • I always look to fill up around the 130 to 150 mile mark. The fuel gauge suggests plenty left but I don't fancy running out and I always try to avoid the last dregs of fuel as they are more likely to be contaminated.

    • Depending on riding; 35mpg while instructing in town. 42mpg on a mixed motorway and town commute. Think I got 50mpg on a cross country run once but that was exceptional. I use the trip and don't trust the fuel gauge. 2008 CBF

    • Oh yes Stuart...just like ALL motorcycle fuel gauges, the one on the CBF is a pathological liar.......

    • Maybe I rode too slow and rarely had a pillion but could average 62mpg out on A roads.

    • I always ride fast so I get to my destination before the fuel runs out ...... ;)

    • I did autobahn riding on my 10 plate and averaged 210 per tank at a steady 80-90 between stops.

    • Hi again what's the thoughts on after market screens thx

    • Got the Givi, good at keeping elements off at low speed, not really used it at motorway speeds yet. Doing a round trip from London to Bedfordshire on Thursday so ask me then

    • Ok thx will do

    • Over 4000mls I am getting 56 mpg !!

    • I was out Thursday with my IAM observer an I got 112 miles to just about half a tank then refilled cos I wasn't sure when we were stopping next