Hi bike won t start battery reads 12 volt but when u try and start it drops...

Hi bike won't start:-( battery reads 12 volt but when u try and start it drops to like 6 that's a fucked battery in it?

  • I had similar problem turns out it was starter motor. It would turn over about half then stick weird. I also brought a new battery and it didn't make a difference. Maybe see if you can Borrow a batt from somewhere.

  • When your starter did that did your volts in battery drop really quick like down to.six?

  • Don't know sorry or try your battery on another bike if you can.

  • You really need to bump start it and ride it to a local bike garage for diagnostics (free at most) otherwise you're chasing your tail. Or worse you'll be buying parts on a trial and error basis. New battery, £50' if not that new solenoid2 £30 and so on. A very expensive route. So easy to just ride it in a garage, 5 mins and you know what it is.

  • I had a lazy starter motor that caused my battery to go flat and do all the things your battery has done, however there's a few things that can all cause the same thing. Get a garage to run a test. So easy.

  • If you're determined not to run it into a garage for 5 mins for a free diagnostics check (can't understand why you wouldn't though) here's some simple things to do to help find the peoblem.

    Remove battery from bike, charge up, and leave INDOORS disconnected entirely from bike for a couple of days. If battery is ok when you fit it to bike it's keeping its charge.

    If fully charged battery starts the bike, it's unlikely to be battery fault as the battery is pumping out enough amp to start the bike.

    Test the battery while bike is running. If it shows anything above 12v it is charging and alternator is fine. If it shows above 13.5v it's over charging and frying your battery which means you need a new rectifier. If neither of the above happens but battery drains after starting or struggles to start, it's most likely starter motor getting old and lazy. An easy test for this is to bump startyour bike, run it around for a bit, and if battery is showing full charge on voltmeter, it's almost certainly your starter otor.

    Far easier though to just ride in to a bike garage and ride out knowing exactly what it is and what you need to buy.

  • Battery fine

    Someone who owned it before me put a spot off weld on lug on live cable of starter motor wich has rotted away thanks. So starter is going to be rebuilt and sorted. Found starter cable is burnt so change that. Jobs a gooden

  • Firestorms are well known for that because of the position of the starter motor. It catches all the crap off the road and rots away. If you need a new starter motor, a Honda Hornet fits straight on without any mods and they're better and loads cheaper. I got one for £8 off ebay. The VTR ones were about £80 and old.

  • I work for a motorfactors who deal with a company that will recon mine. How easy is the Leed to change?

  • Changing the lead is easy but it might still be the starter motor its self. I looked into starter motor rebuild and they were quoting £70 plus £30 p&p and the other option £80 for 2nd hand one. The Honda Hornet starter motor is exactly the same as a VTR one. Look same, same size, same bolts, same lead, better quality and cost about a tenner.