Hi don t know if anyone can help me out gotta bad noise coming from behind...

Hi don't know if anyone can help me out gotta bad noise coming from behind right hand side casing on my cb77 i think something may have come loose on the starter clutch . Anyone got any tips on removing right hand side engine is it oil filled and help be good

PLEASE !!!!!!

  • Ok rear wheel spindle

    14mm std r/h thread

  • Thanks i will have a go !!!

  • its a handy little trick we used in the late 60's...very effective on an apprentice's wages.

  • Hi Mark - RH cover has no oil behind it and can be removed once silencer & exhaust pipe, footrest are out of the way. Make sure you remove the 2 screws holding the small piece where the chain comes out first otherwise you risk damaging it.

  • if you need to remove the alternator easiest way is to find a bolt that fits the centre thread; sorry but can't remember the thread. Starter rollers and springs available from David Silver. Good luck.

  • Well thanks for your help fellas but unfortunately i had to take the engine out today got the s/clutch off no problem but was fine been rebuilt so drained the oil and took the clutch cover off to find that the nut and washer that holds the oil filter drive had fell off come loose . But that was not the problem when i took it off and turned the bike over it still made the same noise .Took the plugs out so it would turn over easer to hear the noise shone a torch down the hole and turned it over and only 1 piston goes up and down the other stays still so oh dear engine out get it fully rebuilt make it better that ever CHEERS

  • When you strip the bottom end turn the engine upside down so everything stays in the upper case

    When rebuilding it always build in upper case and ensure the crank locating pins get located right in the four main bearings or when you tighten the cases you could push the pins through into the oil ways

  • Don't forget to take some photos to show us

  • Ok I will no problem

  • Like to know exactly what happened in there !!!