Hi everyone


Hi everyone

Does anyone know what bolt size is standard for the exhaust to bolt onto the engine.

Mine seems to have disappeared onto the road somewhere and I don't want to pull the other out lol

%d comments
  • Metric 6mm

  • Not sure of the depth, so grab a few metric 6mm nuts to act as spacers also.

  • Don't suppose you know the thread pitch?

  • Not too sure.

    I just purchased M6 bolts and they seemed to fit fine. It was 1 turn per millimetre. I had a feeling there was only one pitch for metric sizes depending on their width. Is there a mechanic or fitter watching this thread who can verify?

  • Turns out you were right

    Got an m6 bolt 35mm long and it's all good ;-)

  • it should be stud and nut, thats probably why it came undone.

  • Darren is correct, the bolt will get you through until you can source a stud.

  • Thank you very much.

    I will organise a new stud soon but at least I can still ride until I get it :-)