Hi everyone


Hi everyone,

I'm looking for ideas to fill in the gap between the cylinders. It's currently still running the factory small chrome carbi cover (not sure what it's called) .. suggestions ??

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  • Mine vibrated off.... It's on the road somewhere in WI

  • I never considered it. HD makes a skull cover ...maybe Honda has something similar.

  • Harley has a single screw holding on their bell I've been lookin at putting mine on it should mount the same way but it will block the choke from being accessed easy

  • It's a skull trailer hitch I got from from auto zone and wired it to my running lights.

  • I'm sure JP or some place like that has plenty of things you could put there.

    I thought about putting a small LED light under the tank between the cylinders. Don't want much tho, don't want it to be too cheesy.

  • Yeh i agree, I'm not keen on the skull ( no offense Todd ) looking for something clean looking

  • Nice tank colors and design..

  • Thanks..