Hi everyone

Hi everyone

  • think you will get alot of diffrent replies lol , i have mine half way for both some will tell you to crank it up

  • Mines cranked for two up an that's just to accommodate my fat arse

  • I know it would be mostly to everybody's own opinions really but it's somewhere to start

  • Some have bought the hyper pro progressive springs they make it better apparently

  • There's slots on the top of the forks with set marks on the legs. Are these there pre-load??

  • mrk 2 has at the front ive left it as it was from the dealer

  • I increased the front slightly for two up. although probably didn't need to. Was down to my bad riding and getting used to the bike. I have the rear cranked as my last rear hugger got scuffed and cracked in middle setting. Don't bust your head with this stuff.http://www.fastbikesmag.com/fi les/2011/08/Suspension-Set-Up. pdf

  • Thanks for the reply scotty

  • To be brutally honest mate I usually stay with factory settings 9 /10 bikes I've had. The cbf is such a great bike I just wondered if anybodys managed to make it better.

  • One up with luggage onboard (around 45kg) I have the rear 2 notches up from the centre (I weigh about 88kg with riding gear).

    Front forks are preloaded 25mm more than stock on stock fork springs with dexron III atf (equivalent to15 weight fork oil).

    Mine's a mk1.

  • Cheers Colin Mansergh. I've got givi think there 28lt side box's and top box. Is your suspension on full

  • Sounds great Colin Mansergh have a great time,ride safe mate