• Hi everyone I ve been riding for more than 17 years now the last 8 with the...

    Hi everyone. I've been riding for more than 17 years now, the last 8 with the same bike, my beloved Bonnie II, a '09 Spirit 750. In all these years I can say I learned pretty well how to deal pretty much with every on-the-road situation, except one. I really struggle a lot when it comes to unpaved roads, grass, pebbly tracks and similar stuff. It's obviously not so common, but it happens, especially if I attend some rally or simply if I have to park alongside the road. I'm very lightweight, and the bike isn't, but it seems strange to be the only reason.

    I'm open to any suggestions.

    Ride safe, cheers.

    • I noticed the brand and style of tire makes a huge difference. Last summer I went to the Michelin commander 2 and noticed a big difference in handling. They seem to hold alot better. I always ran Dunlaps my whole life. Never again. As well I'm 5'8 and only 190lb's. I ride a 04 honda shadow spirit 1100. Hope this helps and good luck.

    • Best to buy a cheap dirt bike and have fun learning. It will also improve on road skills. Otherwise, remember to favor the rear brake off pavement.

    • You actually are taller and a lot heavier than me

    • ^Definitely lean towards the rear brake. Also, give yourself plenty of time to slow down and take your time on turns. I cruise up and down gravel once in a while so it can take a while to get comfortable

    • Are you trying to speed in the grass or ride wreckless? I don't think your size has anything to do with it. My wife rides her 1100 in our yard and don't have a problem. Just relax as if you are on pavement. It won't get out from under you if you aren't trying to overpower it.

    • No no I never speed, not even on pavement. I'm very slow and calm :) I'll give it a try